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Code Geass R2 Episode 21 – The Ragnarök Connection
August 31, 2008, 7:38 PM
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WHAT AN EPISODE. Plot twist after plot twist after plot twist!  Not much “action” so to speak but still a great episode in my book.  Lets get started with the episode review shall we?


The episode starts with Suzaku awaking from being unconscious, with Anya/Marianne about to draw on his face with a marker.  This is pretty much the only comedy bit in the whole episode, a whole few seconds of it, but that’s not why most of us watch the series though!

Ha, would have been great if he didn't.

Ha, would have been great if he didn't.

Suzaku is wondering what is going on with CC and Anya being there, with the latter a totally different personality.  He is quickly explained that Anya is being controlled by Marriane, Leleouch and Nunnally’s mother.  Needless to say he’s pretty shocked by this.  Following this scene (and the opening song/episode title) is a short part with Ougi and the ever useless Tamaki talking about how zero must be killed.


Pretty sure a lot of people say the same for you, Tamaki.

Meanwhile back with Lelouch and Charles whom are currently trapped forever inside the thought elevator, begin to discuss things over, leading to plenty of the answers the fans wanted to know.  Immediatly Lelouch wants to know who it was that killed his mother.  Charles, who dodges the question, confronts Lelouch about how he wants to know the truth despite using plenty of lies himself.

No seriously, what the hell are those things.

No seriously, what the hell are those things.

They both converse about how they use and see lies, not exactly the most interesting part of the episode. It gets better don’t worry.  Meanwhile back with Suzaku and the rest, CC explains in short what the world of C is while Marrianne attempts to open the destroyed door, with no success.  Instead Marriane leaves the body of Anya, with the help of CC, to head inside.



Lelouch who see’s his mother is shocked beyond belief that it is really her. Charles also gives Lelouch the answer to his question of who it was that killed his mother.

Did not see this one coming..

Did not see that one coming..

Yes as it turns out the long awaited reaveal of Marrianes assassin was not truely the work of Charles, but his brother VV.  Using Anya who was there for lessons in “manners” from Marriane, used her geass (which is the ability to travel accross peoples hearts) to hide inside the body of Anya, while the whole accident was played off as the work of terrorists.

Never really did see her as being "the real sister" of Lelouch.

Never really did see her as being"the real sister" of Lelouch.

Charles who all this time was outraged by VV’s actions, had also tried to explain that the reason he sent Nunnally and Lelouch to japan as hostages was to “protect them” as stated by CC (although unknown at the time) in an earlier episode.

CC's outfits are so awesome.

CC's outfits are so awesome. ❤

Suzaku later asks CC to take him inside, and also denys that the two are infact similar.  Charles also reveals that he secretly had Marriane’s body carried away, for as long as the body remains, there is a chance she could return to the real world.  He also explains that using his geass he had to alter the memories of the two witnesses, Anya and Nunnally.  This means that Nunnaly was not truly struck blind by the event, but actually Charles Geass.

Still does not make up the fact your an evil bastard.

Still does not make up the fact you're an evil bastard.

Marriane seems to be all for the plan and is on the side of Charles.  Both Charles and Marriane want Ragnarok to happen so that the world as they know it would be “better” and “masks would dissappear”.  Lelouch realises that he too was just being used, as a way to lure out CC.  Now that Suzaku and more importantly CC have arrived in the other world, Ragnarok has been started.  The world is in chaos as to what is happening as Ragnarok beings it’s purpose.  Lelouch on the other hand, after a short dialogue with Suzaku as to why Lelouch has done everything up to this point, rejects what Charles and Marriane want to do.

Up to this point I liked Marriane.. now i'm not so sure.

Up to this point I liked Marriane.. now i'm not so sure.

Angered by his mother and fathers actions, calls upon the unconscious mind of every human to evolve his geass into it’s most powerful level.

I have been waiting for the double geass eye effect for some time now.

Why so serious? (Yay another lame reference!)

With the power of his geass and the minds of every human, the thought elevator along with Charles and Marriane begin to dissolve.  CC who finally realized that their plans were for themselves, was not effected by this.  Thank god too.. cause as you know CC is my favorite characther!



After some short dialogue once Marriane and Charles are finally killed between Suzaku and Lelouch, Suzaku decides that he should still take revenge on Euphies death, but is quickly convinced not to.  A month passes after these events, and a live announcement is finally coming about by ” His Majesy Charles”, although no one knows he’s actually dead.  As everyone awaits in the throne room for Charles, whom was supposed to be missing, they are greeted by none other then Lelouch which of course shocks everyone watching.  Lelouch takes the throne announcing he is the new emperor of Britannia as he has killed Charles.

Had a feeling for a while he would be the new Emperor, way before the preview for this episode.

Had a feeling for a while he would be the new Emperor, way before the preview.

Of course no one is willing to believe this, even ruling it off as a “joke”, and the guards are ordered to get rid of Lelouch.  As the guards attempt to attack they are stopped by Suzaku as he protects Lelouch.  He reveals that he has made Suzaku is Knight of Zero, which is even more powerful then the Knight of One.  The shock factor grows even more as people watch on.  In order to get everyone to follow him, Lelouch uses his powerful geass to convince everyone to follow him as they all shout “ALL HAIL LELOUCH!” over and over.  CC watches this all from the shadows.  Meanwhile Schneizel plans on giving him all of Britannia, but has plans of his own against his own brother.  He then asks to himself who will be the one to control the world, Lelouch’s Geass or.. which the episode stops there.  It’s obviously the or is going to be himself though, I mean look at his menacing face:

The face of the new top bad guy, but with four episodes left.. not much to be done.

The face of the new top bad guy, but with four episodes

Thoughts of the Episode and Predictions:

Well my prediction of Marriane and CC were not exactly correct.  Marriane as we find out was on the side of Charles the whole time, but along with him is quickly killed off, shortly after having an actual physical role in the series.  Her upbeat attitude did raise a red flag with me though, but it wasent enough for me to guess this at all.  That’s ok though as CC is still around!  She can live for four more episodes I just know it!

My tiny prediction for Lelouch on the other hand, as obvious as it was, does seem to be right but we won’t know until next week.  I had said that him being the new Emperor will create some really ugly conflicts is certain to happen.  The small part with Schneizel only helps confirm this.

Suzaku being Lelouch’s new Knight of Zero was something else I did not see coming.  Still not sure about the characther myself but the fact that Lelouch and him are not total enemies any more certinatlly is a large twist.

Kallen we can see in the preview of the next episode is talking with Lelouch.  The possibility of him joining his side is still much alive, but remains to be seen.

My prediciton on Gino was off as well.  Although he still could “betray” Britannia against Lelouch, it’s not exactly what I was guessing for.  It really would not be surprising if he went against Lelouch though.

Nunnally and Sayoko I still do not believe are really dead.  Theres still plenty of room for major plot twists!

Overall great episode, many mysteries were revealed and set the stage for the finale of the series.  Just four more episodes to go! Looks like next episode we see what Bismarcks Geass actually does.  As always comments are appreciated, and your predictions I would love to read!


Interesting find in Team Fortress 2
August 27, 2008, 3:36 AM
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So I started playing Team Fortress 2 again lately. I actually bought the game clear back in beta, and buying the Orange Box would let you play beta until the release.  So after a year of not playing it I come back to find the game has been really changed.  Also I guess my “leet skills” have not lost their touch.  As I picked the sniper class I proceeded to get some incredible head shots.  Yeah.. I’m awesome..  So any way my eye came across a map in the internet games list called “MARIO_KART” so I decided to join.  After trying to comprehend this insane map I was looking, and dodging bullets (which rarely worked), I go around to the other side of the level to find this little gem (I uploaded to my photobucket to save some space on my wordpress account):

Yes that giant monitor constantly plays that small little bit from the Lucky Star opening.  I thought it was pretty neat as I watched it for a few seconds, but unfortunately an enemy pyro saw me and proceeded to burn me down.  Across the whole map seems to be a LOT of 4chan related stuff including a moving “4chan party van.”  Just a note I dislike 4chan, but on top that there are a bunch of ads and random screen shots from various Anime series I have never seen or heard of.  Just thought it was kinda neat.

Which Banner do you like Best?
August 27, 2008, 2:07 AM
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Hi everyone!  I have four banners all done for this blog sitting in my blog folder right now.  All four have a “theme” if you could call it that of a random series.  If possible I would like some quick feedback on them and I’d like you to pick your favorite.

Gurren Lagann

The current banner: Gurren Lagann

Code Geass, has the most use of filter effects.

Code Geass, has the most use of filter effects.

Lucky Star, was done in only at most twenty minutes.

Lucky Star, was done in only at most ten minutes.

Dizzy from Guilty Gear, was supposed to be a simple banner.

Dizzy from Guilty Gear, was supposed to be a simple banner.

It looks like the actual sizes are not going to fit on this blog post but you get the idea. They do look a little less quality then they actually are. Also it looks like a little bit of the right side has been cut off. So go ahead and pick your favorite! Any quick feedback would also be welcomed, but I just want you to keep in mind I did these in a short amount of time so I’m not going for extreme quality.

Code Geass R2 Episode 20 – Emperor Dethroned
August 25, 2008, 11:03 PM
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Welcome to my first actual post! Like most blogs that review Anime I’ll post a summary with a few screen caps and then give my thoughts. Hopefully this will gather more traffic to this blog and I’ll start getting more comments.


As the aftermath of FLEIJA becomes a reality, we find Suzaku in the crater of what was once the Government Complex. Nia, who is also in the crater at the time, starts to break down after realizing the destruction she had caused with her weapon. Suzaku does not really help the situation though just adding the massacre of all the residents killed was a “great success.”

You didn't know?  What the hell?

You didn't know? REALLY?

Meanwhile back on the Ikaruga, CC is looking for her “master” when suddently Anya comes to talk to her.

CC!! ❤

It turns out Anya is actually being controlled by Marianne and gives CC her memory back. Yay!

I like where this is going..

I like where this is going..

According to Marianne though CC sealed off her own code. That part confused me as I thought it was Charles was the one to do it. As it turns out CC has given Marianne her own Geass which looks like it’s Mind Control, something similar to Lelouch’s.

Her personality has really changed.

Her personality has really changed.

While a rumor is put out by the Black Knights that zero has been killed, Orange along with maybe Kaguya seem to be in disbelief he is actually dead. Least the few OotBK characters I still like don’t believe the rumor. Ougi every episode is becoming more useless and since the start I never did like him, just adding more to my list of “Why I hate Ougi” I guess.

The secret Penguin army is almost complete..

The secret Penguin army is almost complete..

Schneizel plans to overthrow his father as he deems him unfit to be emperor. Suzaku who is now about as psychotic as Lelouch, wants Schneizel to order him to assassinate the Emperor. Yeah about that.. Actually on second thought, go ahead and try.

Next one to betray Britannia?

Gino: Next one to betray Britannia?

Suzaku shows up to attempt an assassination of the Emperor, but is stopped by the Knight of One. Instead of using a handgun, or a KMF, they decide to use swords to battle each other. Charles of course gets away, not that it would matter, Suzaku can do nothing to stop him. We also learn Bismarck might have a Geass himself underneath his sewn shut eye. What it does is unknown though, all it did this episode was make a shiny red light.

Although Bismarck's sword is cool looking, this battle was kinda lame.

Although Bismarck's sword is cool looking, this battle was kinda lame.

The short battle between Bismarck and Suzaku is interrupted by none other then Lelouch who has a pretty bad ass entrance, complete with lots of fire. Suzaku under control of the geass (although he did show some resistance to it looks like) ran away knowing it to be Lelouch. Earlier Lelouch had geass’d a few britannian soldiers’ and now his plan has been put into motion. The geass’d soldiers start to attack their own troops, creating chaos in the ranks of Britannia.

Least he still has a bad ass way to enter the scene still.

Least he still has a bad ass way to enter the scene.

Also arriving on the scene is Marianne inside the body of Anya and CC. Marianne attacks Bismarck in an attempt to fool him into letting her “attack” the ground forces. After Marianne makes up the story of believing Bismarck to have betrayed Britannia, Bismarck says he has not. He did seem to accept the fact “Anya” just attacked him a little too easy, even though she made up the story of hearing he betrayed Britannia. What Marianne and CC plan to do on that island though is something to still be seen.

CC never leaves without Cheese-kun!

CC never leaves without Cheese-kun!

Lelouch gets to Charles first, destroying the entrance so that they are both sealed inside forever. Of course “forever” is probably just until next episode. Charles gets pretty pissed though.

CHARLES NOOOOO!!! (What a lame referance..)

CHARLES NOOOOO!!! (What a lame referance..)

So father and son have some time to “talk” things over, but that won’t end well of course. Also may I ask what the hell is with that room they are in?

What the hell are those things??

What the hell are those things??

My Predictions for remaining cast:

Lelouch I know is going to be the new Emperor, unless wikipedia lied to me. What I can guess though is that his reign as Emperor will not start out easy at all and could result in some ugly conflicts.

Nunally and Sayoko are both marked dead on the official website. I don’t really care what it says, I am still in disbelief they are actually dead. There is the possibility they made that up.. Or perhaps I’m grasping at false hope they are still alive. It could be the last 10 minutes of the final episode and I’ll still deny it until the very end.

Gino really does look like he is going to betray Britannia. But I could be totally wrong. I really don’t care which side he takes though.

Kallen is most likely going to join Lelouch’s side, OotBK is pretty lame now so I hope she does too.

Orange of course is going to be on Lelouch’s side. Wonder if Marianne is going to reveal to him she’s still around.

CC and Marianne are probably going to be the ones to save Lelouch from the emperor and aid him in finally killing the evil genious. As long as CC does not die for the remainder of the series I’ll be a happy camper. Marianne who is already dead will just remain in the world of C probably watching over Lelouch and CC like she did before. Seriously though if CC dies I’m gonna be sad, she’s been my favorite character since the very start.

Suzaku is really starting to piss me off. I hope he dies.. for serious.

So what are your predictions? Also if you have any comments on how I did for my first try I’d love to hear in my comments.

First Post
August 20, 2008, 1:06 AM
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Hi guys this is a new Blog I’ve been wanting to start because I like ranting about random stuff that interests me, and maybe something you like to.  For now I’m going to keep it a free blog but if by some random miracle that this blog starts to gain some popularity, I’ll look into migrating it into it’s own domain name.  It kinda sucks I was not able to write some HTML code for the banner to have it cycle randomly on page load, as I made a bunch of banners.  For now I’ll just change it every once in a while.

Any way I’ll be blogging about probably Anime the most.  I’ll write episode summary’s and some comments about them.  It does not have to be a current anime either, I’ve actually was kind of thinking about watching Outlaw Star again as I have not seen it for years.  Along with anime I’ll probably blog about some video games and just random stuff that interests me.

Here's a random picture that was on my Hard Drive.