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Dead Space: Gore, Horror, Epic.
October 29, 2008, 4:26 AM
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A friend of mine bought Dead Space, so I stole it off him (well not really) when he was done.  I’ve been slow at getting through the game, only on I think Chapter 4 right now. There’s something like 13 total or around that number.  Any way, usually I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to scary games.  Bioshock during a few parts got me, namely when a splicer tried to fake dead and I fell for it.  F.E.A.R. scared the hell out of me, little demonic girls of doom, no thanks!  However Dead Space, yes it made me jump a few times, so far I really do not fell “afraid” playing it.  I think the third person over the shoulder view has something to do with it. However there are a few parts on the last chapter I did that were pretty up there on the creepy scale.

I don’t see this as a spoiler, but there were two parts in that chapter that freaked me out.  One was when i walked in a room with a bunch of TV’s everywhere kinda broken, a woman comes on the screen and says your characters name: “Isaac, please make us whole”  That, was kinda freaky.  To make it worse, after I got off the elevator this… black, bloody, walking corpse looking thing was at the end of the room and it says “Make us whole again”, then it walks out of my view and vanished.  The hell does that mean?  I’m probably going to find out, but it’s still freaky.

Awesome game though, if your thinking about it I’d definitely go for it.  If you liked Bioshock it’s got the same dark and mysterious setting and story to it.

It be hug times now??

It be hug times now??


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
October 14, 2008, 1:02 AM
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I’m not the kind of person that stays up to date with current anime series going on. I let them find me if that makes sense.  Gurren Lagann being no different, even if it’s not THAT old. I just got done watching the dubs airing on Ani Monday program block on Sci Fi, so I figured I might as well type something up.

Usually I tend to ramble on an on about a topic, but I’m gonna keep this one short.  A few months ago flipping through TV stations trying to find something to watch 11 at night, I stumbled upon Sci Fi’s Ani-Monday block.  They were showing Gurren Lagann episode 3.  I was hooked right away, so I went and looked up the subs instead of waiting for the dubs.  Usually subs are superior to dubs any way, although I didnt mind Azumanga Daioh dubs. I actually ended up buying the series box set of Azumanga.

Overall the series was pretty neat.  On a personal level however, the direction the series was taking from the start to the death of Kamina is what I loved the most about it. I’m talking about the goofy atmosphere the show was taking.  Like the bath house actually being a gunmen, or the various silly things Kamina was doing or saying.  Of all the characters starting out, Kamina and Yoko were my favorite.  When Kamina died though, the atmosphere of the series took a massive turn.  While I’m not saying this is bad however, if I had the choice I would have kept that goofy atmosphere and turned it more into a comedy then a drama the whole way through.  That’s my personal opinion, it makes not real sense to others I’d imagine.  If I got my way the series probably would not have been such a massive hit like it was.  I still liked it however, needed more Kamina though.

Kamina was an awesome character

Kamina was an awesome character.

Red Haired girl with a rifle? Gotta love it.

Red haired girl with a rifle? Gotta love it.

So yeah the whole “I’m not gonna ramble” thing as you can see didn’t work out. Oh well I’m gonna keep going.

As this atmosphere turned however, Nia got introduced to at least provide some comic relief.  I actually liked the Nia character, she might have been a total ditz but she was pretty cool!  Without her, Simon would have very little reason to get out of his “emo” attitude.

Her glower shaped pupils were unique.

Her flower shaped pupils were unique.

Another thing I liked about the series was the whole “spiral” theme.  That life is ever spiraling upwards (cause a straight line is too boring) into something greater and greater.  What started from a tiny little key found underground, “spiraled” into the human uprising against lord genome, and “spiraled” into the final battle against the Anti Spirals.  The transformation of Gurren Lagann also had an interesting “spiral” effect.  From a tiny robot barely enough for one person, into a ship at the end that was larger than worlds combined.

Kittan was a character that got on my nerves, at first at least.  Before the time jump, Kittan was just an annoying character to me.  After the time jump however he kind of changed, and I didn’t mind him. Kind of sad to see him die in the end however, his death was very epic however and not in vain.  What about Rossiu though?  Since the introduction of Rossiu to the ending of the series, I’ve despised this character.  The post time jump only helped my loathing of Rossiu.  I know he was just trying to do what he thought was right to save the people, but I still think it was kinda stupid.

Lets not forget Viral!  Viral was one of those bad guys that you just could not help but find him awesome.  His Gunmen was a little strange however, but cool none the less.  I thought post time jump his character took a giant leap.  Considering he was immortal I think the writers did a good job giving his character a very important part.

Viral and Darry, two more chars I liked.

Viral and Darry, two more chars I liked.

The series was a fun ride through the whole thing, I enjoyed it.  I would defnitally suggest anyone who has yet to see it to go and find the subs right now!  Dubs perhaps too if your not picky.  Fun fact: Did you know the voice of Yoko in the Dubs was also the voice of Rita in Tales of Vesperia?

I do want to get something out there though.  The Nia character after the time jump bothered me.  I can accept the fact she was actually the Anti Spirals messenger, oh the irony!  Her evil tone of voice kinda got me down though. She was so innocent and kind!  In the end she got rescued which was a sigh of relief for me.  Of course this is short lived as she is dissolved in the end because of her anti spiral nature.  Now that I really do not agree with.  Again this is my own opinion, but I really think they should have taken a different approach to that.  Simon claims he was fine with it, he knew it was going to happen, but i’m not fine with it!  Heh, well again that might not be why I write professional animes’.

How I think they should have done it, as I might as well give my idea, is to have her not dissolve.  Perhaps because she was just a messenger, her human side kept her there, while the anti spiral being disappeared.  To me Anti Spirals were all what the king looked like, these black faceless beings that werent that close to typical anime style characters.  Nia was more human then anti spiral I think any way.

Well thats about all I can think of to write about at the moment.  Hopefully someone will find this post interesting even if the series is a year old, it’s still popular though!  In closing I’d like to say one last thing:


Arcana Heart + Guilty Gear Accent Core = Awesome
October 11, 2008, 9:12 PM
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I finally decided to shell out the cash to get Accent Core, as I lost hope of the Plus version coming to the states. While I was at Amazon (could get it cheaper there) I noticed a suggested title was Arcana Heart. A while ago I saw an X Play preview of it online and thought it was pretty neat.  How can you beat an all female anime fighter game with awesome looking powers?  I hesitated getting both cause at first shipping was gonna cost me together with the games about 71 dollars.  I have a job but 71 dollars.. eh.  Turns out I did a free trial or something and I got both for 58 free two day shipping. Go me!

Games are coming this wednesday!  I’m gonna steal the PS2 out of the living room and play them in my room, maybe I can rig something up to record them and put it on youtube and this blog.  Time to get searching through my closet full of computer junk!

In more unrelated news like last time, spam keeps on coming!  I gotta tell ya, I have not been on WordPress that long but the spam ads on this site are.. unique.  The last one was titled Gas Mask, with the comment: “Ugliness is in the way of true beauty because it blocks it” then some other stuff.  While amusing to quickly read these, I’m getting annoyed of the amount of spam I actually get for being a small blog.  Oh well at least Akismet is catching it all.

Halo 3: Recon.. yay?
October 9, 2008, 2:50 AM
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If you have not heard yet, go ahead and follow this link for IGN’s quick little announcement of a new Halo 3 expansion coming out. Halo fanatics, get ready to flame me.

I’m sick of Halo. Back when Halo 2 was coming out I could not STOP looking up information for it, then release date came and like a screaming little fan girl I went and bought my copy. Halo 3 came out on the 360 a few years later, I did not get a 360 right away, I waited about a year. When I played Halo 3 finally I felt a little empty inside. It was better then Halo 2, yeah I’ll admit it. The game left me wanting more. I used to be a Halo fan boy, but Halo 3 I felt killed that fan boy in me, brutally might I add.

If it’s an RTS I don’t plan on buying it, I suck at the RTS genre and play very few of them.  Supreme commander was the only one I’ve played in the past year or two.   If it’s an FPS, I will probably wait until I find it for 25 bucks in the very distant future.  I will get it, but as someone who’s just sick of hearing “Halo halo halo!” (Queue lame Marsha Brady reference!) I’m not excited about it.  Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3 on the other hand?  November can’t come quick enough.


In unrelated news, since my ungodly spike in traffic (737 viewers) the day of my two posts about the final episode of Code Geass, I have been getting a nice handful of spam.  Compared to before, I can expect to wake up and fine a couple spam entries sitting in Akismet waiting for deletion.  Hurray for me?

Latest Obsession: Guilty Gear X2
October 6, 2008, 3:54 AM
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Two months ago, my friends Xbox 360 finally died out after slowly gaining more problems with it.  CD drive wouldn’t open, red rings of death 50% of the time you start it, slower speeds, crashing, etc etc. So until he got the money for a new one he has been playing old games.  Going over his house he just so happened to have the older Xbox hooked up and was playing an interesting fighting game.  Fighting games have always been one of my top favorite genre’s for video games, and If I may say so, I am pretty good at em.  So any way I watched him play this fighting game, which was titled Guilty Gear X2 #Reload.  Other then the Guilty Gear name, I knew nothing of the series.  The Anime-ish graphics had me interested though, as you can tell from my other blog posts and banners, I like Anime!

I played a few characters to find that perfect one just for me as I grew increasingly interested.  Being a guy I was naturally drawn towards picking a female character. It’s built into most guy’s DNA at birth, can’t help it.  I will admit however I did like Sol Badguy and Testament.  I did start to like Bridget thinking she was kinda neat using a yo yo and the goofy bear.  But however.. my friend decided to let me on the secret when I said “Whats with her using a yo yo though?”



Learning this made me stop and think for a moment, I didn’t believe it at first.  Never the less I checked out more characters, despite the whole gender thing I still use Bridget from time to time.  After checking out most of the characters I finally found the one for me: Dizzy!

Dizzy > All

Dizzy > All

At first I sucked using any of the characters, but I found Dizzy the one I liked to start learning how to play on.  Since then I decided to buy it on my own Xbox 360 over Xbox Live.  My friend who uses Ky Kiske used to be able to easily win every time, that’s all changed now. I quickly surpassed him in skill, he acts like it doesn’t bother him, but I know it does ha ha.  I played survival today (since I got it been unlocking all the story line endings) and got to about level 250, when my long day started catching up to me and I started to fall asleep on my couch.  Guess I’ll have to try it again when I’m more awake.

I’m late in the game, but I think Guilty Gear is an awesome series and I’m glad I was introduced to it.  I tracked down a copy of Accent Core, but I decided that I’m gonna wait and pray they bring Accent Core Plus to the states.  I know it’s very unlikly they will, but I have faith!  Also unlikly, if they decide to work on a Guilty Gear X3 I’ll probably scream like a fan girl.  It’s possible, have faith!