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Arcana Heart + Guilty Gear Accent Core = Awesome
October 11, 2008, 9:12 PM
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I finally decided to shell out the cash to get Accent Core, as I lost hope of the Plus version coming to the states. While I was at Amazon (could get it cheaper there) I noticed a suggested title was Arcana Heart. A while ago I saw an X Play preview of it online and thought it was pretty neat.  How can you beat an all female anime fighter game with awesome looking powers?  I hesitated getting both cause at first shipping was gonna cost me together with the games about 71 dollars.  I have a job but 71 dollars.. eh.  Turns out I did a free trial or something and I got both for 58 free two day shipping. Go me!

Games are coming this wednesday!  I’m gonna steal the PS2 out of the living room and play them in my room, maybe I can rig something up to record them and put it on youtube and this blog.  Time to get searching through my closet full of computer junk!

In more unrelated news like last time, spam keeps on coming!  I gotta tell ya, I have not been on WordPress that long but the spam ads on this site are.. unique.  The last one was titled Gas Mask, with the comment: “Ugliness is in the way of true beauty because it blocks it” then some other stuff.  While amusing to quickly read these, I’m getting annoyed of the amount of spam I actually get for being a small blog.  Oh well at least Akismet is catching it all.


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