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Kannagi, any good?
November 21, 2008, 6:33 AM
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Just a quick post in hopes to get some replies about the series Kannagi.  This series was recently brought to my attention after reading DarkMirage’s Blog Entry about the extreme otaku rage over the whole “Is Nagi a Virgin” or not.  While I found this hysterical, got me thinking if I should attempt to hunt down some episodes, or just save my time.  It looked interesting enough however.


In unrelated news, I’ve been playing possibly too much Wrath of the Lich King, which if you don’t know (dunno how you would not) is the World of Warcraft expansion. Oh noes secrets out I play WoW. Ha ha, Triwi is my characters name and I’m the only one on the US armory with the name.  Go me?  I say too much but I’m only level 73.. my up and coming priest however went from 32 to 44 in 3 days using the Recruit a Friend triple experience.  I imagine i’ll be 70 by sunday, same with my friend ha ha.


Code Geass Dubs and other Thoughts
November 9, 2008, 4:07 AM
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So apparently I figured I was not going to blog about Code Geass anymore, well an idea came to me for at least one more.  Although if I may go off topic for a second, I find the face that my blog traffic chart has an interesting effect to it.  When I first started this blog a few months ago, I would get a pretty large sum of traffic on the day I did a Code Geass episode review, then the next day and up until another episode review, I got zero traffic.  Not a soul looked at my blog.  Now that Code Geass is over, and I also did a few other random entries about different topics, those lags between posts still offer visitors.  While not many, I find that kinda cool, sorta like a self achievement I guess.  People are still clicking on older episode reviews and what not.

Well any way back on topic.  I got home at about 1:30 in the morning from being at a friends house, so yeah about an hour and a half ago.  Typical of Saturday however, I can’t find anything on TV.  Maybe it’s the fact I still use basic cable?  I’m not cool enough for digital cable heh.  So I happen to notice the Code Geass dubs on Adult Swim starting, decided to give it a go.  It happen to be episode 1 of season 2 playing, the one as we all know when Lelouch is brainwashed but near the end gets it back from a “lovely” kiss from CC.  Coincidentally both my computers still have a CC background on them, I don’t plan on changing her out any time soon.  Pretty much any anime fan will tell you: “Subs are better then dubs! ”  I agree fully with this statement.  Some dubs do come and surprise you however, personally I thought the Azumanga Daioh dubs were pretty on.  At first Osaka’s voice was iffy but it grew on me, and it felt right.  Yeah but we are here to talk about Code Geass dubs not Azumanga right?

I’m not really picky on dubs, so I actually enjoyed the episode.  It’s unfortunate the end of season 2 turned into a major train wreck.  Right away Rolo’s voice was just… awful.  It was not Rolo at all, it did not match him in any way.  Lelouch’s voice (whom is also the voice of Ichigo from Bleach if it wasn’t obvious enough) is alright at times, but it too doesent seem to click.  Definitely better then Rolo’s however.  CC’s voice was acceptable on my terms, however for me any way the Japanese version was perfect.  It’s amazing though, Season 1 and the start of Season 2 were pretty awesome.  I forgot really (as did most fans), what made us crave more Code Geass, why we liked it.  Most fans, like myself, disliked the end episodes of the series.  Rushed scripts among other various reasons caused it to crash and burn somewhere in the middle of season 2.  It had so much potential, just from that first episode.

One little interesting thing I took from rewatching this episode, was right at the end.  We have Suzaku, Gino, and Anya standing before Charles in some glowy blue room.  Suzaku says he will be the one to kill Zero.  While yeah, most of season 2 was pretty much him attempting that, we also know that he joined Lelouch’s side.  The finale was that Lelouch would sacrifice himself and bring the hatred with him.  Although that was what Suzaku and Lelouch had planned for, technically he still keeps his promise to Charles.  Of course it wasn’t exactly that however in the end.  I dunno I just thought it was a little interesting part that “kinda” related to the ending.

So my final verdict (despite not going too in depth) on the dub episodes?  Your definitely better off with the subs with the original voice actors.  It’s a rare thing for a dub to be very good in my opinion.  Like I mentioned before, Azumanga Daioh is one of those rarities.  I am not that picky though that I would refuse to watch dubs of any Anime series, I’ll watch pretty much anything that’s in my realm of interests.


While I’m still searching for the next big anime thing to blog about (admititally, not really searching hard), I’ll continue to blog about random things.  I check this blog every day so, your comments are very appreciated!