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January 27, 2009, 7:23 PM
Filed under: Anime

Haven’t been around this blog in a few weeks have I?  Usually I update a lot.  Three words will describe the culprit in full detail: World of Warcraft.  Specifically I rolled a Priest and have been healing a new raiding guild so my Anime time has been cut into.  I have been slowly watching some series though instead of all packed into one night like I used to. I got done with Girl’s High (as a guilty pleasure, I watched it. Hey I’m the target demographic: Seinen, so stop looking at me like that!) and am about half way through with Chrono Crusade.  After Chrono I plan on watching Negima (which is a very long series then what I usually watch, if you include the sequels).

I actually got around to buying some manga for fun. I got the first edition of Chrono Crusade and Negima. I still plan on watching the anime’s of course, but I will also read the manga.  Usually there are differences I hear any way.  Expect another 3 part series review semi soon!


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