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February 22, 2009, 11:40 PM
Filed under: Anime

Well maybe it’s not too random as the topic is the same.. it being Anime again.  Just wanted to share two sites I’ve been checking out lately.

The first is Anime Planet. At this site you can record all the anime you ever watched, and the end result is how much time you’ve burned watching anime.  My profile over there shows I’ve only burned one week.  One week?  That’s terrible.. It needs to be a lot more.  Damn you real life/college homework!  Also damn WoW, curse my raiding guild needs.  Ahh I need to watch more..

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Any way the second website is Kawaii Radio. I first found this internet radio station while exploring some of the content on my new PSP (which I got for free selling a lot of old junk woot) and found the internet radio application.  I downloaded it and checked out some of my favorite genres like Metal and Rock.  I saw jpop was one of the selections so I hit it, being curious. I am not a “jpop fan”, maybe every once in a while I’ll hear a tune I find catchy from an anime series or something, but that is about it.  Well Kawaii Radio was the first station to come up, and the first song I heard was the opener to Azumanga Daioh.  Every once in a while I load the radio station agian on my PSP when I’m bored or can’t sleep.  Whats nice is I can look around their forums while I listen to a few songs on it.  Figured I would give them a freebie advertise, cause I get a lot of visitors here.. right?  It’s so not denial talking right now…

I have a four part series review that I seem to keep putting off.  Maybe if I get back in the mood for reviewing here I’ll finish the draft soon.


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