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From WoW to Aion, and lets throw in some Haruhi
June 23, 2009, 12:23 AM
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I tend to favor blogging about multiple topics, I guess to add length to my posts. Anyhow time for more rambling, and lets make it “dramatic” for fun, well kinda dramatic:

Twas the day of April 24th, 2005. Fifteen year old Triwi (Your not getting my real name that easy) was given a free two week pass to the latest craze to hit the world which was the World.. of Warcraft. It was also that day that I created my first and still used until recently character Triwi. No folks, this is not where the name originated. The name originated on a random name generator on my first ever MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, but we are not here today to talk about that tale. For it is a story on it’s own (this dramatic effect doing it for any of you?). Triwi was a Troll Mage, I liked caster classes from any fantasy game I had played, so it was only natural I chose the Mage class. Who can resist throwing about fireballs at will? It’s been over four years since I first started the game, I could go on for hours telling tales I took part in, and risk carpel tunnel syndrome. Instead I’ll just briefly go through the most memorable moments.

It took me and my friends almost a year to hit level 60 back in vanilla WoW, we were young and had school, also no knowledge of the game. Not to mention this was way before the exp buff. My first raiding guild was Wintersrush, a doomed experiment to have multiple guilds come together to raid Molten Core. Eventually, as if it was not obvious, one guild tried to control it all and everything went downhill from there. Then there was Hordeland Security, my next raiding guild that for months thought I was a girl in real life, until I spoke on vent. The gasps on vent created a very comical rest of a raid. Fast forward to The Burning Crusade expansion, where I swore off raiding until Wrath of the Lich King. A small time guild starting with Party of Five, great group of folks. Like most guilds, it too fell under to drama. I then found The Dixie Mafia, whom I stayed with for a year. It was the start of Wrath of the Lich King I found the true underlying personalities of these pricks. The Dixie Mafia was a collection of double crossing backstabbers, and they sold me out because I defended a guildy. Not to mention the son of one of the members who joined at the very end of my time in the guild, I’m pretty sure was a registered sex offender, wouldn’t doubt his best friends the same either.

I don’t wanna keep rambling so I’ll shorten it more. Wrath of the Lich King came, and I joined a famous raiding guild on our server Reign of Honor. I decided I wanted to heal as a priest instead of DPS as a mage. The guild fell under from drama yet again. Near the end of my time in WoW I joined a guild called The Cuppy Cakes. My priest had become very geared in Ulduar raiding gear. My mage had decent epics as well. However, as of June 18th, 2009 a little after Noon, my account ran out of prepaid time, and I had chosen not to pay for it again.

Short answer why? I had found Aion. I got into the closed beta #2 (now I can’t be cool and say “yeah I’ve been playing since closed beta 1”)and have enjoyed the game very much. I said goodbye to my friends on a guild forums, and the rest is history. I had chosen I want to be a Spiritmaster when the game goes live. Will I ever go back to WoW? Maybe, I claim I wont, but I could relapse. It only takes one patch to totally ruin a game for everyone (Star wars galaxies “combat upgrade” anyone?), so it’s possible I could be back. The chances are slim however, as again I really enjoyed the Aion beta. I have my preorder all tucked away in my email box, with a star so I can find it easier.

So this is to the last four years, I have had some great memories playing my mage and alts. It’s time I experienced new things.

Most recent pic I could find, me leveling in WotLK.

Most recent pic I could find, me leveling in WotLK.

Most of my pics I’m under the effect of Savory Deviate Delight, the ones post level 80.  Anyway, it’s time for the new Triwi:

Wings are SEXY!!!

Wings are SEXY!!!


I mentioned Haruhi in the title.  At most I’m just gonna talk about the whole “what to call the new episodes.” I read a few blogs about what others thought it should be called as the universal term.   In a previous post I mentioned I was gonna call it Season 2 just because it’s easier to explain.  In reality however, I personally look at it as a extended season 1, a “Directors cut” if you will.  If that makes sense, kinda does, I guess.  To be honest, I really do not think it matters.  Yet now you know my side, because that matters.  Ok that doesn’t matter either.


I managed to find someone who hacked into the server where they keep the Haruhi new episodes, and for a limited time you can download them if y


Adobe Photoshop PDF


Day too late!
May 6, 2009, 4:23 PM
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Blah!  So I finally manage to get some cash (Wewt Rebate check for $70 came in today) I can burn on games.  BlazBlue is something I’ve been awaiting for a long time, and now it comes out two weeks after my birthday.  On Gamestop they had a free upgrade to the Limited Edition version of Blazblue (I’m a sucker for LE’s for games I want, Gears of War 2 for example, totally worth it) and a free artbook.  I LOVE Anime style art, the rest of my blog, My Pictures folder, and both my computer backgrounds would tell you that.  However, apperently after May 5th, Gamestop pulled the artbook and is no longer giving it out, just a day late for me!

Oh well, I’ll for once look at the bright side: Free ugprade to the LE is a good thing.  Also there is bound to be scans of it on the internet, probably even on the day the game comes out, probably even on Dustloop.  If I really want it that bad, EBay might be a choice.  However I had like 17 dollars on my Edge card from, I forget where, so I got the next day shipping and still had some leftover to pay for the game.  So I guess it all works out in the end.

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus, and other stuff
February 5, 2009, 5:27 AM
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Woot, looks like I was wrong in my last post, that is a good thing too!  Turns out Accent Core plus version is infact coming to the states! The release date is set for Spring of 2009 which is just around the corner.  I have not seen a confirmed date yet however.  It’s coming out on the ps2 again and the PSP, well ok the Wii too but it would be akward to play on the Wii.  I just recently managed to get a hold of a PSP myself finally, I had to trade in a lot of old junk.  I picked up Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth with it, I have not gotten far in it so I can’t really give my thoughts on it just yet.  Despite that I’m still getting it on my old boxy version of my PS2, can’t beat a controller for a fighter game.

While doing a little searching for some random Accent Core Plus material, as I can’t wait for it, I found out about another Arc System works game in the making: Blazblue.  I don’t know too much about the game now but it looks realy cool.  I keep hearing rumors that it is gonna be PS3 exclusive.  While they alone are just probably rumors, started by some random people who are PS3 fans and think they should only get it, that still kinda worries me.  I do not want to have to buy a PS3, but Blazblue just looked so neat.  From the looks of it a console port is still a ways off for Japan, so even further away for even the remote chance it hits state side. One can dream though..

I found out that in a few months Arcana Heart 2 port is going to be on the Japanese PS2.  I can only hope that it soon follows over here to America. I really liked the first one, I still play it from time to time.


Unrelated news:  I am almost done watching Chrono Crusade, I pick up an episode here and there. I just have been doing a lot of other things so my Anime time is cut into.  School and work count, but I guess playing too much WoW isent a good enough excuse for less Anime huh?

Oh and I went today wearing only a single contact in my eye, thats fun, but not really.  Random much?

Dead Space: Gore, Horror, Epic.
October 29, 2008, 4:26 AM
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A friend of mine bought Dead Space, so I stole it off him (well not really) when he was done.  I’ve been slow at getting through the game, only on I think Chapter 4 right now. There’s something like 13 total or around that number.  Any way, usually I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to scary games.  Bioshock during a few parts got me, namely when a splicer tried to fake dead and I fell for it.  F.E.A.R. scared the hell out of me, little demonic girls of doom, no thanks!  However Dead Space, yes it made me jump a few times, so far I really do not fell “afraid” playing it.  I think the third person over the shoulder view has something to do with it. However there are a few parts on the last chapter I did that were pretty up there on the creepy scale.

I don’t see this as a spoiler, but there were two parts in that chapter that freaked me out.  One was when i walked in a room with a bunch of TV’s everywhere kinda broken, a woman comes on the screen and says your characters name: “Isaac, please make us whole”  That, was kinda freaky.  To make it worse, after I got off the elevator this… black, bloody, walking corpse looking thing was at the end of the room and it says “Make us whole again”, then it walks out of my view and vanished.  The hell does that mean?  I’m probably going to find out, but it’s still freaky.

Awesome game though, if your thinking about it I’d definitely go for it.  If you liked Bioshock it’s got the same dark and mysterious setting and story to it.

It be hug times now??

It be hug times now??

Arcana Heart + Guilty Gear Accent Core = Awesome
October 11, 2008, 9:12 PM
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I finally decided to shell out the cash to get Accent Core, as I lost hope of the Plus version coming to the states. While I was at Amazon (could get it cheaper there) I noticed a suggested title was Arcana Heart. A while ago I saw an X Play preview of it online and thought it was pretty neat.  How can you beat an all female anime fighter game with awesome looking powers?  I hesitated getting both cause at first shipping was gonna cost me together with the games about 71 dollars.  I have a job but 71 dollars.. eh.  Turns out I did a free trial or something and I got both for 58 free two day shipping. Go me!

Games are coming this wednesday!  I’m gonna steal the PS2 out of the living room and play them in my room, maybe I can rig something up to record them and put it on youtube and this blog.  Time to get searching through my closet full of computer junk!

In more unrelated news like last time, spam keeps on coming!  I gotta tell ya, I have not been on WordPress that long but the spam ads on this site are.. unique.  The last one was titled Gas Mask, with the comment: “Ugliness is in the way of true beauty because it blocks it” then some other stuff.  While amusing to quickly read these, I’m getting annoyed of the amount of spam I actually get for being a small blog.  Oh well at least Akismet is catching it all.

Halo 3: Recon.. yay?
October 9, 2008, 2:50 AM
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If you have not heard yet, go ahead and follow this link for IGN’s quick little announcement of a new Halo 3 expansion coming out. Halo fanatics, get ready to flame me.

I’m sick of Halo. Back when Halo 2 was coming out I could not STOP looking up information for it, then release date came and like a screaming little fan girl I went and bought my copy. Halo 3 came out on the 360 a few years later, I did not get a 360 right away, I waited about a year. When I played Halo 3 finally I felt a little empty inside. It was better then Halo 2, yeah I’ll admit it. The game left me wanting more. I used to be a Halo fan boy, but Halo 3 I felt killed that fan boy in me, brutally might I add.

If it’s an RTS I don’t plan on buying it, I suck at the RTS genre and play very few of them.  Supreme commander was the only one I’ve played in the past year or two.   If it’s an FPS, I will probably wait until I find it for 25 bucks in the very distant future.  I will get it, but as someone who’s just sick of hearing “Halo halo halo!” (Queue lame Marsha Brady reference!) I’m not excited about it.  Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3 on the other hand?  November can’t come quick enough.


In unrelated news, since my ungodly spike in traffic (737 viewers) the day of my two posts about the final episode of Code Geass, I have been getting a nice handful of spam.  Compared to before, I can expect to wake up and fine a couple spam entries sitting in Akismet waiting for deletion.  Hurray for me?

Latest Obsession: Guilty Gear X2
October 6, 2008, 3:54 AM
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Two months ago, my friends Xbox 360 finally died out after slowly gaining more problems with it.  CD drive wouldn’t open, red rings of death 50% of the time you start it, slower speeds, crashing, etc etc. So until he got the money for a new one he has been playing old games.  Going over his house he just so happened to have the older Xbox hooked up and was playing an interesting fighting game.  Fighting games have always been one of my top favorite genre’s for video games, and If I may say so, I am pretty good at em.  So any way I watched him play this fighting game, which was titled Guilty Gear X2 #Reload.  Other then the Guilty Gear name, I knew nothing of the series.  The Anime-ish graphics had me interested though, as you can tell from my other blog posts and banners, I like Anime!

I played a few characters to find that perfect one just for me as I grew increasingly interested.  Being a guy I was naturally drawn towards picking a female character. It’s built into most guy’s DNA at birth, can’t help it.  I will admit however I did like Sol Badguy and Testament.  I did start to like Bridget thinking she was kinda neat using a yo yo and the goofy bear.  But however.. my friend decided to let me on the secret when I said “Whats with her using a yo yo though?”



Learning this made me stop and think for a moment, I didn’t believe it at first.  Never the less I checked out more characters, despite the whole gender thing I still use Bridget from time to time.  After checking out most of the characters I finally found the one for me: Dizzy!

Dizzy > All

Dizzy > All

At first I sucked using any of the characters, but I found Dizzy the one I liked to start learning how to play on.  Since then I decided to buy it on my own Xbox 360 over Xbox Live.  My friend who uses Ky Kiske used to be able to easily win every time, that’s all changed now. I quickly surpassed him in skill, he acts like it doesn’t bother him, but I know it does ha ha.  I played survival today (since I got it been unlocking all the story line endings) and got to about level 250, when my long day started catching up to me and I started to fall asleep on my couch.  Guess I’ll have to try it again when I’m more awake.

I’m late in the game, but I think Guilty Gear is an awesome series and I’m glad I was introduced to it.  I tracked down a copy of Accent Core, but I decided that I’m gonna wait and pray they bring Accent Core Plus to the states.  I know it’s very unlikly they will, but I have faith!  Also unlikly, if they decide to work on a Guilty Gear X3 I’ll probably scream like a fan girl.  It’s possible, have faith!