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From WoW to Aion, and lets throw in some Haruhi
June 23, 2009, 12:23 AM
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I tend to favor blogging about multiple topics, I guess to add length to my posts. Anyhow time for more rambling, and lets make it “dramatic” for fun, well kinda dramatic:

Twas the day of April 24th, 2005. Fifteen year old Triwi (Your not getting my real name that easy) was given a free two week pass to the latest craze to hit the world which was the World.. of Warcraft. It was also that day that I created my first and still used until recently character Triwi. No folks, this is not where the name originated. The name originated on a random name generator on my first ever MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, but we are not here today to talk about that tale. For it is a story on it’s own (this dramatic effect doing it for any of you?). Triwi was a Troll Mage, I liked caster classes from any fantasy game I had played, so it was only natural I chose the Mage class. Who can resist throwing about fireballs at will? It’s been over four years since I first started the game, I could go on for hours telling tales I took part in, and risk carpel tunnel syndrome. Instead I’ll just briefly go through the most memorable moments.

It took me and my friends almost a year to hit level 60 back in vanilla WoW, we were young and had school, also no knowledge of the game. Not to mention this was way before the exp buff. My first raiding guild was Wintersrush, a doomed experiment to have multiple guilds come together to raid Molten Core. Eventually, as if it was not obvious, one guild tried to control it all and everything went downhill from there. Then there was Hordeland Security, my next raiding guild that for months thought I was a girl in real life, until I spoke on vent. The gasps on vent created a very comical rest of a raid. Fast forward to The Burning Crusade expansion, where I swore off raiding until Wrath of the Lich King. A small time guild starting with Party of Five, great group of folks. Like most guilds, it too fell under to drama. I then found The Dixie Mafia, whom I stayed with for a year. It was the start of Wrath of the Lich King I found the true underlying personalities of these pricks. The Dixie Mafia was a collection of double crossing backstabbers, and they sold me out because I defended a guildy. Not to mention the son of one of the members who joined at the very end of my time in the guild, I’m pretty sure was a registered sex offender, wouldn’t doubt his best friends the same either.

I don’t wanna keep rambling so I’ll shorten it more. Wrath of the Lich King came, and I joined a famous raiding guild on our server Reign of Honor. I decided I wanted to heal as a priest instead of DPS as a mage. The guild fell under from drama yet again. Near the end of my time in WoW I joined a guild called The Cuppy Cakes. My priest had become very geared in Ulduar raiding gear. My mage had decent epics as well. However, as of June 18th, 2009 a little after Noon, my account ran out of prepaid time, and I had chosen not to pay for it again.

Short answer why? I had found Aion. I got into the closed beta #2 (now I can’t be cool and say “yeah I’ve been playing since closed beta 1”)and have enjoyed the game very much. I said goodbye to my friends on a guild forums, and the rest is history. I had chosen I want to be a Spiritmaster when the game goes live. Will I ever go back to WoW? Maybe, I claim I wont, but I could relapse. It only takes one patch to totally ruin a game for everyone (Star wars galaxies “combat upgrade” anyone?), so it’s possible I could be back. The chances are slim however, as again I really enjoyed the Aion beta. I have my preorder all tucked away in my email box, with a star so I can find it easier.

So this is to the last four years, I have had some great memories playing my mage and alts. It’s time I experienced new things.

Most recent pic I could find, me leveling in WotLK.

Most recent pic I could find, me leveling in WotLK.

Most of my pics I’m under the effect of Savory Deviate Delight, the ones post level 80.  Anyway, it’s time for the new Triwi:

Wings are SEXY!!!

Wings are SEXY!!!


I mentioned Haruhi in the title.  At most I’m just gonna talk about the whole “what to call the new episodes.” I read a few blogs about what others thought it should be called as the universal term.   In a previous post I mentioned I was gonna call it Season 2 just because it’s easier to explain.  In reality however, I personally look at it as a extended season 1, a “Directors cut” if you will.  If that makes sense, kinda does, I guess.  To be honest, I really do not think it matters.  Yet now you know my side, because that matters.  Ok that doesn’t matter either.


I managed to find someone who hacked into the server where they keep the Haruhi new episodes, and for a limited time you can download them if y


Adobe Photoshop PDF


Haruhi “Season 2”, Kannagi 14, and other stuff.
June 5, 2009, 12:37 AM
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So I’ve been on an unintentional hiatus for Anime after watching all three seasons of Zero no Tsukaima back to back. Ok so technically I’m not quite done yet.. three more episodes in season three and the OVA to go, that I have been putting off cause of stupid reasons. Well any way..

So I decided to check on Haruhi and see if there was any mention of the “fabled” season two. Apperently the “season two” is actually just un-aired episodes that fit in between the original run. Technically it is, yet is not a season two, depends on how you look at it I guess. It’s a new block of episodes, but these episodes fit in with the original run. However you look at it, I suppose I’ll be calling it season 2.. because it’s easier then explaining it. I have not yet seen the episode, it’s downloading right now, so I figured write a random blog barely anyone’s gonna read to kill time. Go me I guess?

Along with Haruhi I checked out to see if any mention of bringing Kannagi out of hiatus was about. Well seeing as it really isent, I did see that they released episode 14 on the DVDs. With the power of a series of tubes we call the internet (that joke still amuses me), it’s bound to be ripped to anime sites/youtube/wherever else really fast. Sure enough it is, I couldn’t exactly find any subs on youtube, but I found it on some anime site I go to. Not in the mood to do a picture review however. I felt it didn’t have the charm the previous episodes of Kannagi had. It was alright, still goofy as ever, and the whole relationship between Jin and Nagi even if slightly progress. I still don’t like Jin but oh well, I watch it for the rest of the cast any way. By now however I highly doubt we will see new episodes or even new manga. I haven’t been actively searching for the answers, but I think it’s safe to assume nothing is gonna happen.

In the “other” portion of this mediocre quality blog post, I see that gamestop managed to get more of the Blazblue artbooks in. I asked about it and they said they were gonna fill the orders in based on when they came in. Considering I ordered mine the day after they first went off the site, I have a pretty good feeling I’ll receive one, last I checked the artbook was still a promotion put up on the site. My order receipt says nothing about it however, but according to the email I got it’s a “wait and see” scenario. I do think I managed to narrow my choice of who I might try to master to two characters. I don’t work on just one person, in Guilty Gear my two were Dizzy and Order Sol, and sometimes A.B.A. For Blazblue I’m thinking Rachel, and the apperently “Loli” v-13. Not exactly sure you can consider v-13 a Loli but I’ve seen it referenced multiple times. I’m slowly counting down the days until it comes out, I am very very anxious!

Finally got around to it..
December 10, 2008, 4:59 PM
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If it’s one thing I highly dislike, is finishing an anime series to know there are no more episodes.  I for months have put off watching the last 4 episodes of Lucky Star as I knew it was coming to an end.  The series was pretty funny, and I enjoyed the many references to other series throughout the episodes.  If I had to pick my favorite character (I enjoyed them all though), I would have to pick Kagami.  I find it funny that she tried to act serious a lot but it doesn’t always work that way.  Her also being an anime/video game fan was pretty neat too, despite her sometimes serious mood.  I had watched the OVA part where they are all in the MMORPG world, the whole way through I was laughing while watching it.

I decided I should finally finish the series because, I am the kind of person who prefers to watch one series at a time.  In my mind I usually stack up series I want to watch, and my list was starting to get a little longer.  Despite being an anime fan, I have never seen The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.  Oh noes!  Well so I finished the last 4 episodes of Lucky Star, sad to see it go.  I started Haruhi Suzumiya right away, and I found some pretty high quality episodes to watch too, good for youtube any way as most of the time the quality there makes me cringe.  I could tell right away why Haruhi is such a cult icon in the anime world.  The series was pretty funny, yet at the same time awesome.  I watched all the episodes in one night, and I can’t wait for the next season.  I hear 2009 is the next season, not sure when exactly in the next year though.

Well I finished Haruhi (for now), so I moved on to Kannagi.  It’s pretty interesting, very funny (I like comedy animes as you can see).  I only have watched up to episode three.  Perhaps when I catch up to the current episodes I’ll start doing episode reviews like I did for Code Geass.

There’s this website I used to go to for when I was big into Bleach (I haven’t watched that series in ages though), and they have a lot of other anime series to download for free.  The website is Bleach Exile if you want to check it out.   There they have updated lists of Kanngi episodes to download.  Thats great and all but here’s the problem.  Instead of being in a simple format, the sub group used an MKV video format, which windows media player doe sent support out of the box, not surprised.  I could have taken the easy road and just used Media Player Classic to watch it, works just as well.

I however, am very stubborn and wanted the codec to view it in windows media player.  After hours of downloading different codecs and splitters and blah blah blah, I finally found a codec pack that worked.  It’s called CCCP, apparently the whole soviet theme is a pun on the USSR in the Cryllic alphabet or something, didn’t really read into it.  Apperently this group originally was for playback of various anime fansubs.  So I downloaded and installed it, it worked but no subtitles.  After a little more research I had to enable in the settings Autoload VSFilter.  Finally after hours I could finally watch Kanngi episodes in WMP (again I’m stubborn).  Word of warning though, if you the reader, decide to visit these sites and download things I’m not responsible for what happens to your computer.  I have had no problems, but that doesen’t mean something could happen.  So yeah it should be self explanatory but, use at your own risk.  Worked for me though.