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Yet another block of Anime viewing
February 25, 2009, 1:37 AM
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Unlike last time where I had three episodes of anime that I watched in a long boring weekend, this time I had four!  Well lets get with reviewing them then!


Crest of the Stars


Crest of the Stars

Crest of the Stars is something a friend of mine really wanted me to watch, it was possibly the only Anime he ever actually watched.  Finally with enough begging I got around to it.  It’s a lot older then what I’m used to so that took some time to get used to.  However I thought it was overall pretty interesting, the plot took me a few replays to actually get it, and the help of wikipedia.  Unfortunately at the time of writing this it has been at least a month since I have watched the series, so I do not have much to say.  From what I do remember, it was pretty interesting.  It was hard to get into at first but eventually I started to get more absorbed into the story.  Over on Anime Planet I gave the series a 3.5 out of 5.  I felt it was decent but not an Anime that I would be crazy about.  Eventually I will follow up with the Banner of the Stars three sequals.

Chrono Crusade


Chrono Crusade

Every once in a while I find an Anime that I on purpose want to stall so that I can enjoy it longer.  First was Gurren Lagann, then was Lucky Star, and now Chrono Crusade.  Some poeple might argue it wasent that great, or it was a religious advertising tool of some sort.  However I really enjoyed the series!  From the start I could tell this series was going to be a very fun ride.  It did require a lot of thinking to get through it, and I found myself looking up religious related things on wikipedia to understand the meanings.  There’s no doubt about it, religion is a very large part of this Anime.  The ending of both the Manga (am currently reading, but accidentally found a spoiler on how it ended) and the Anime are very sad.  I was almost in tears, almost.  I felt the story really absorbed the viewers into it, at least myself.  The final battle between Chrono and Aion could have been more “epic” however, it was started then finished way too fast.  I gave it a 5 out of 5 however, I really did like it!



Yumeria cast in the real world


Yumeria cast in the dream world

I found Yumeria while looking for episodes of Chrono Crusade, which were pretty hard to find by the way.  The screen caps looked semi interesting so I picked it up right after Chrono Crusade.  It was a pretty amusing series, nothing special, but amusing none the less.   The dream world was about the only action scenes you would get out of this anime, but the dream world does take a decent portion of the story.  The story is nothing you would be talking about down the road, I could see it as one of those Anime series that you’d pick up on a rainy day.  I gave it a 4 out of a 5 mainly for the Ecchi themes (I’m a guy, are you surprised?) and the general sillyness to the story, I found it amusing.

Girl’s High


Girl's High

Right away with no research some might say this is for a female audience. However taken the standards Anime set, it’s not.  Girl’s High is an Ecchi series based on the Seinen demographic.  From the first five minutes in the ecchi is there and just screaming at you “here I am!”  The series I could compare to as being something like Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star witch extreme amounts of Ecchi material.  It doe sent exactly have a story, it’s a Slice of Life anime that is just pure comedy.   Being in the Seinen range of a target demographic, the ecchi is there in full force.  The comedy aspect of this anime is pretty good as well.  I found myself having a chuckle out loud a lot.  I would highly suggest this to anyone who wants a comedy that’s pretty insane.  I gave it a 5 out of 5 just for how funny I found it all together.

Oh and before someone says it.. Ecchi is NOT Hentai.  It can be related to it, but it is not actually Hentai.   Besides, if your an uptight individual, just don’t watch it.  Me however, I find it amusing and yes I refer to it as a guilty pleasure.   Oh don’t worry, I got plenty more ecchi series lined up, just go look at my Anime Planet profile (one post down).  =P


I guess I put this review off long enough, it was shorter then expected but it’s done.  I just recently finished Zero no Tsukaima and am going to continue with the two follow up sesasons.  I mentioned it but I might as well say it again, my ratings are what I give it on Anime Planet.

Recently I found a great idea for myself to “increase” my anime viewing, if you could call it that.  Usually if i’m on the computer I get side tracked and put off watching new episodes of stuff.  I just bought a PSP (for free, yay selling old junk) which has some pretty impressive media options on it.  What I have been doing is ripping the episodes of a series and then converting it to a PSP format.   The watermark on the program I use to convert the video files is barely noticable, other then that you get full functionality.  Their loss, I’m not buying the product.  Usually if I can not find a series off Bleach Exile, then something like youtube, imeem, crunchyroll (rarely, I dont pay for it), veoh, etc come through.  Either way I get it, it’s not really hard at all to get it onto my psp, it’s just I get a higher quality if Bleach Exile has it.  Well I think I rambled enough about random things, till next time!

EDIT: I just wanted to add this little extra. I decided after a day or two to check my blog traffic. Two serach queries that people found my blog from were “bleach hentai” and “hentai review.” I know why they found it, because I said Ecchi is not Hentai, but I still think that’s hilarious.

Normally I’m open to people’s opinions and views, however this time I decided to call it out. I honestly wanna know why you search that on WordPress… I might find ecchi comedy apealing, but you’re the pervert.  Let the comment flames begin!


Anime Overload (As if that’s possible)
January 6, 2009, 4:20 AM
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So for some reason I got into an even deeper Anime watching mood this past week.  I’ve been watching Anime for a good portion of my life off and on, it’s only been about two years that it became almost an obsession to the point I’m watching full series weekly.  Since Kannagi has ended (well at least until I hope for a second season), and a second season of Haruhi Suzumiya has not blessed us anime fans yet, obviously I go and search a new series.  I can’t recall what lead me to it, but Love Hina was the first on my list.  I remember seeing bits and pieces of the manga and anime when I was younger, I never really did watch it.

After I finished Love Hina, I saw Please Teacher in the “similar videos” on the side.  I remember hearing about that from a commercial way back when it was new, so seeing it was also a romantic comedy I checked that out too.  From there, a small amount of research showed me the sequel, Please Twins which, was another romantic comedy.  It’s not so much the romance part, as it is the comedy part that made me want to watch them.  So I figure I might as well do a paragraph or two about each series.


Love Hina

The wings have nothing to do with the story, but I think wings are sexy.

The wings have nothing to do with the story, but I think wings are sexy.

Starting up in this past week of my Anime lineup was Love Hina.  I’d like to start this section by giving my quick thoughts on the ever famous war of: Sub vs dubs.  Love Hina dubs for the most part I could tolerate, I’m not much of a critic when it comes to voice acting.  Kaolla Su at first was annoying, it grew on me eventually however.  Something about her yelling “Mecha-toma Three! Go!” made me laugh.  Here’s where I go into my rare dub critic mode.  Of all the voices, it was the main character Keitaro, that got on my nerves.  Perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t feel like reading much, cause I was having a caffeine hangover from new years, but I stuck it with the dubs the whole way through.  Keitaro’s nerdy voice as the series went on, annoyed me more and more.  The rest of the cast didn’t really get to me, but the fact Keitaro is the main character, I would suggest going subs, that is if your not having a caffeine overdose at the time.

Other then the voice acting, I thought it was an enjoyable series.  I felt it had a very good balance of drama and comedy.  Lets not forget plenty of fan service!  The various scenes of Naru, or most of the other girls screaming out “YOU PERVERT” and launching Keitaro into the atmosphere never got old.  I could tell almost right away Naru would have been the girl from when he was a kid, that he made the promise to, I think that’s pretty obvious.

Overall, I would highly suggest this series, both for the drama and the comedy.  I think the story telling was pretty well done.  The OVA’s however seem to be a little under the standards as the rest of the series.  Kanako right away becomes a very annoying character, and even though she and Keitaro are not related by blood, she is still psychotic.

Please Teacher

Main cast of Onegai Teacher.

The main cast of Onegai Teacher.

Please Teacher was next on my list.  We’ve all heard stories about a student having some kind of a relationship with a teacher.  Please Teacher is the same basic idea, except the teacher is a half alien and the main character is actually 18 in a 15 year old body.  The series I found to be pretty funny.  The storyline I found to be pretty bizarre.  Anything from having to marry your teacher to cover up the fact she is an alien, to Ichigo actually being 21, there are plenty of moments that will give you a double take effect.

I again watched the series in dubs, for some reason they were easier to find and better video quality at the time.  I did not find any real serious problems with the English voice acting.  Please Teacher however, does have its faults.  The story line itself, while it is decent, I couldn’t help but feel it was lacking in some way.  I can not exactly say what, but in the end the story felt a little underwhelming.

In the end, Please Teacher was an interesting series, complete with a LOT of fan service.  Considering it is a short series, if you have not already seen it, might be worth while if your interested in something short.

Please Twins

The three main characters of Onegai Twins.

The three main characters of Onegai Twins.

Please Twins is the sequal to Please Teacher, set in the same town yet two years later.  I thought it was pretty neat that they used most of the characters from the first series.  Please Twins was not as much of a bizarre story in my opinion, compared to its prequel. The fact however both Miina and Karen were falling in love with Maiku, and one of them was a relative, could be rated as bizarre however.  It’s the fact that one of them was not related that was a catalyst for these feelings.

I think you can guess that I watched this in dubs as well.  Considering I did not have a problem with Please Teacher’s dubs, I figured these would not be a problem as well.  They were not a problem like I thought, but right away I could recognize the voice actor that played Maiku.  Johnny Yong Bosch, who was also the voice of Ichigo from Bleach,  Lelouch from Code Geass, and Itsuki Koizumi from Haruhi Suzumiya, seems to be in a lot of major parts.   It’s only a matter of time before I hear his unique voice as another main character.

Please Twins story line, just like Please Teacher, felt a little underwhelming.  Perhaps it’s because i’m just coming down from watching Haruhi Suzumiya and Code Geass, that I feel a little more picky on story lines.  Yet again like Please Teacher, I would suggest giving this anime a shot if your searching for a short series again.  Of course watch Please Teacher first, this is the sequel!  While not necessarily important, it adds a lot to the story.  This sequel too, gives you a lot of fan service, so that is a plus.  Who doesn’t like a lot of fan service?  It can be over used yes, but I doubt for my tastes it will get that far.


Well thats about it, I got three more lined up to watch.  Those three would be Crest of the Stars, Chrono Crusade, and Negima.  The first two were recommended by some people I know, Negima I found by chance while surfing Anime News Network.  I took a peak at all three to see if I should go sub or dub.  I can tell both Crest and Negima’s dubs are very poorly done, so I will be going the sub route.  Chrono Crusade however, have not compared those yet.  Might as well go subs while I’m at it though.  Which one will I watch first? I guess I will flip a coin, and by coin I mean, some freaky three sided coin I just made up.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
October 14, 2008, 1:02 AM
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I’m not the kind of person that stays up to date with current anime series going on. I let them find me if that makes sense.  Gurren Lagann being no different, even if it’s not THAT old. I just got done watching the dubs airing on Ani Monday program block on Sci Fi, so I figured I might as well type something up.

Usually I tend to ramble on an on about a topic, but I’m gonna keep this one short.  A few months ago flipping through TV stations trying to find something to watch 11 at night, I stumbled upon Sci Fi’s Ani-Monday block.  They were showing Gurren Lagann episode 3.  I was hooked right away, so I went and looked up the subs instead of waiting for the dubs.  Usually subs are superior to dubs any way, although I didnt mind Azumanga Daioh dubs. I actually ended up buying the series box set of Azumanga.

Overall the series was pretty neat.  On a personal level however, the direction the series was taking from the start to the death of Kamina is what I loved the most about it. I’m talking about the goofy atmosphere the show was taking.  Like the bath house actually being a gunmen, or the various silly things Kamina was doing or saying.  Of all the characters starting out, Kamina and Yoko were my favorite.  When Kamina died though, the atmosphere of the series took a massive turn.  While I’m not saying this is bad however, if I had the choice I would have kept that goofy atmosphere and turned it more into a comedy then a drama the whole way through.  That’s my personal opinion, it makes not real sense to others I’d imagine.  If I got my way the series probably would not have been such a massive hit like it was.  I still liked it however, needed more Kamina though.

Kamina was an awesome character

Kamina was an awesome character.

Red Haired girl with a rifle? Gotta love it.

Red haired girl with a rifle? Gotta love it.

So yeah the whole “I’m not gonna ramble” thing as you can see didn’t work out. Oh well I’m gonna keep going.

As this atmosphere turned however, Nia got introduced to at least provide some comic relief.  I actually liked the Nia character, she might have been a total ditz but she was pretty cool!  Without her, Simon would have very little reason to get out of his “emo” attitude.

Her glower shaped pupils were unique.

Her flower shaped pupils were unique.

Another thing I liked about the series was the whole “spiral” theme.  That life is ever spiraling upwards (cause a straight line is too boring) into something greater and greater.  What started from a tiny little key found underground, “spiraled” into the human uprising against lord genome, and “spiraled” into the final battle against the Anti Spirals.  The transformation of Gurren Lagann also had an interesting “spiral” effect.  From a tiny robot barely enough for one person, into a ship at the end that was larger than worlds combined.

Kittan was a character that got on my nerves, at first at least.  Before the time jump, Kittan was just an annoying character to me.  After the time jump however he kind of changed, and I didn’t mind him. Kind of sad to see him die in the end however, his death was very epic however and not in vain.  What about Rossiu though?  Since the introduction of Rossiu to the ending of the series, I’ve despised this character.  The post time jump only helped my loathing of Rossiu.  I know he was just trying to do what he thought was right to save the people, but I still think it was kinda stupid.

Lets not forget Viral!  Viral was one of those bad guys that you just could not help but find him awesome.  His Gunmen was a little strange however, but cool none the less.  I thought post time jump his character took a giant leap.  Considering he was immortal I think the writers did a good job giving his character a very important part.

Viral and Darry, two more chars I liked.

Viral and Darry, two more chars I liked.

The series was a fun ride through the whole thing, I enjoyed it.  I would defnitally suggest anyone who has yet to see it to go and find the subs right now!  Dubs perhaps too if your not picky.  Fun fact: Did you know the voice of Yoko in the Dubs was also the voice of Rita in Tales of Vesperia?

I do want to get something out there though.  The Nia character after the time jump bothered me.  I can accept the fact she was actually the Anti Spirals messenger, oh the irony!  Her evil tone of voice kinda got me down though. She was so innocent and kind!  In the end she got rescued which was a sigh of relief for me.  Of course this is short lived as she is dissolved in the end because of her anti spiral nature.  Now that I really do not agree with.  Again this is my own opinion, but I really think they should have taken a different approach to that.  Simon claims he was fine with it, he knew it was going to happen, but i’m not fine with it!  Heh, well again that might not be why I write professional animes’.

How I think they should have done it, as I might as well give my idea, is to have her not dissolve.  Perhaps because she was just a messenger, her human side kept her there, while the anti spiral being disappeared.  To me Anti Spirals were all what the king looked like, these black faceless beings that werent that close to typical anime style characters.  Nia was more human then anti spiral I think any way.

Well thats about all I can think of to write about at the moment.  Hopefully someone will find this post interesting even if the series is a year old, it’s still popular though!  In closing I’d like to say one last thing: